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Oscar Picture

As Oscar Wilde in Work Is the Curse of the Drinking Classes

On stage, Johnson Flucker has recently played:  Polonius–Hamlet; Richard Henry Lee–1776; Joe Boyd–Damn Yankees;  Gremio–Kiss Me, Kate; Henry and Lord Boxington–My Fair Lady;  William Randolph Hearst–The Cat’s Meow; and Jeffrey Skilling–Enron.

Before becoming a stage actor, Johnson Flucker was a professional singer for forty years, first as a as a boy soprano, then as a counter-tenor and baritone. His voice appears in many commercial jingles and movies including Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as well as Working Girl, The Stepford Wives, and Mission to Mars.  He has sung in many opera, concert and recording projects for a wide variety of artists including Leonard Bernstein, Christopher Hogwood, Gerre Hancock, George Guest, Placido Domingo, Sarah Brightman, RUN-DMC, Pete Seeger, Paul Halley, Chanticleer, and Judy Collins.





As “henchman” (singer/model) in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast


As Jeffrey Skilling in ENRON ~ Nominated for Outstanding Actor in a Play 2016 OnStage Critics Awards

“Johnson Flucker portrays ‘the smartest man in the room’ brilliantly. To depict a corporate monster as a multi-dimensional man with any sympathy takes tremendous skill and Flucker nails it. He is a zealous Edward Hermann, creating new commodities, and taking out his competition with a cool assurance and ease…Even in the end, as he dons his orange jumpsuit saying he was in prison because people failed him and didn’t believe enough, you feel sorry for him in his disillusionment.”  Onstageblog.com

JF a WFHAs William Randolph Hearst in Stephen Peros’s
The Cat’s Meow

“Johnson Flucker is quite imposing as Hearst in true to life performance.”  Onstageblog.com

“Johnson Flucker makes a formidable Hearst. His deep voice and confident manner communicate well the arrogance of Hearst.”  Hersom Acorn Newspapers


As Polonius in Shakespeare’s Hamlet


As Oberon in Shakespeare/Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Johnson and Choristers

An accomplished choir trainer and conductor, Johnson was Master of the Choristers and Director of Liturgical Music at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, New York.  He is intensely proud of his work there training the Cathedral Choristers to sing like angels, work like devils, and to think, act, and laugh like humans.


4 thoughts on “About Johnson

  1. In his memorable Oscar Wide performance Johnson Flucker has accomplished a double feat: notably TALKING Oscar and BEING Oscar. Thanks to him Wilde lives on.

    Perry Curtis
    Emeritus Professor of History, Brown University

    • Hi Lynn, thanks for your inquiry!
      Currently, the show is not booked for any venues in Long Island.
      However, if you have any ‘pull’ with a performing arts organization in your area–and that might include schools/universities, museums, academic associations, and the like for which you might think the play would be a good fit, I would love to hear from you with some contacts with whom I could follow-up.
      Please advise and all best!

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